Sunday, July 23, 2006

2006 Daylilies (partial)

The first three pictures are not my babies, but, are some of my favorites. The first is Egyptian Ibis. It's beauty is striking and very difficult to capture on film. The next two are Night Wings. They open almost black and mature to a deep burgandy. These two photos were taken quite late in the day and were still this dark. Awesome!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Pet Peeves

The icy hag in me is raging to come out and play for a while. I'm exceedingly crabby and sick, and sick of being sick. This is BY FAR the worst year ever!
I have had some kind of cold/flu at least 6 times this year. I actually have symptoms not unlike the bubonic plague. I think people believe me to be faking, like some of my coworkers. I think once they hear my voice (which is deep when I'm sick, and I actually SOUND like a man), they know I am sick. Anyway, after nearly 48 hours of constant misery, I don't see an end in sight. I am going to the doctor and spend an unknown fortune to have tests done to see why I am so susceptible to illness. I swear if someone sneezes in my direction I get sick.
So, with the dizziness and nausea, and my pounding head feeling every beat of my heart so acutely, my pet peeves seem to have become surprisingly clear.

I'll limit myself to 10 or so. For now.

  • 1. WWE, RAW, etc., - the so-called Professional wrestling (pronounced rastlin') - what is it with the mentality of people that this form of entertainment is catering to? I have talked to people who actually believe it to be REAL and not scripted. As if. Sci Fi recently has joined the taste-challenged list of networks showing these low-brow red-state shows. To add insult to injury, I was flipping the channels and saw one of those Girls Gone Wild videos being advertised at 8:30 PM on USA! Trash.

  • 2. Girls Gone Wild, et al, - those videos that objectify women in a derogatory fashion as useless objects just put on Earth to be used by men.

  • 3. Divorced Congressmen who claim to be 'protecting' marriage by banning gay marriage. Um, hello? Talk about hypocrites!

  • 4. Rusty cars with broken windows, full of women wearing sweat pants and tube tops, hauling their 15 children and 13 pets around, using George W. Bush stickers to hold their cars together. Wake up already!

  • 5. People who insist on buying two of something in smaller quantities, thinking that it is actually cheaper than to buy the same quantity in a single container. Example: baby formula (costs over $1 more) and pop ($2), among numerous others.

  • 6. People who whine they have no money but drive 15 miles to buy a single can of pop and a pack of cigarettes while a convenience store is across the street.

  • 7. Mac users who act like Windows users are some kind of pariah. I don't insist Mac users convert to Windows, so leave me alone. I'm NOT out to convert you.

  • 8. People who buy Sun Laundry detergent because it is cheaper but buy brand name cigarettes when the generic are made by the same company and cost far less. If you don't care about clean clothes -Sun doesn't really work - why care about cigarettes? They are the SAME thing, just in different packages.

  • 9. The new Ford commercials with that guy from Idol. He has no talent and his voice is not unlike fingernails scratching down a blackboard.

  • 10. People who actually watch - and purchase from - infomercials (paid programs) that air at 3 AM CST.