Friday, July 13, 2007

To the asshole.........

  1. Anthony is not my child. Have issues reading? He's my godchild.
  2. It's obvious you are ugly, as is your progeny. And I have no doubt you are a Bush-loving Repugnican living with blinders on to the whole world. What a sad and pathetic existence you must lead. Kevorkian is out of prison now. Contact him.
  3. You're a coward for posting a rude comment but not leaving your name.
  4. I can use words with more than two syllables AND spell them correctly. That pretty much negates your idiot theory.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

More daylilies

A few of these might be duplicates from the prior post. The rose/mauve/magenta ones look MUCH better in person. And a number of these are fragrant. I use Hyperion heavily as a parent, which has those gorgeous lemon-yellow flowers and intoxicating scent. The light yellow one is definitely a descendent of hyperion, because it has a very strong fragrance.

2007 Daylilies

Just a few of my babies - my own hybrids.  I'll update this page later.  I have to go through and crop and rename and then upload another 15 pictures or so.

I made them small and may be a bit distorted; however, if you are using FireFox or Opera, they will open if you right-click on them and choose VIEW IMAGE or OPEN(in new tab for those of you using tabbed browsing).