Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Obama at 100 Days....

(Isn't he just cute as hell in this pic??)

I give him an A+++! Such a mess to inherit. SOME PEOPLE (read: Republifuckers) seem to have exceedingly short memories as to who is largely responsible for the disaster we are in, and it's NOT the CUTE President, it's the UGLY and FUCKING MORONIC ONE & Co (not to mention the puppet master, Darth Cheney).

Congress - I'm a bit pissed at the poo-pooing about prosecuting the criminals after the release of the torture memos. I read as much as I could stomach of them and was outraged, and we should ALL be outraged - every American citizen - at the things that were done with FULL knowledge of Chimpy & Co.

When you stoop to that level, you only invite people to want to revenge you for it. Besides the obvious ethical issues, every reputable intelligence angency will tell you that torture does NOT provide reliable intelligence.

And not to forget our First Lady. Such grace and elegance! I still think it's cool as hell that she hugged the Queen. Wouldn't we all?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

We'll miss you, Dorothy!

Everyone is blogging about Beatrice Arthur's death but I felt I needed to pay homage to a woman who, with her co-stars, helped me through some of the most difficult times in my life. It may seem rather silly to some that a television show can take credit for that, maybe shallow, but who cares - screw them. I have always found laughter to be a cure for things, and scientifically, it has been proven that laughter releases endorphins. I would watch my favorite episodes over and over and always manage to get a good laugh out of them, even if I could recite the dialog right along with them.

What self-respecting fag DOESN'T love The Golden Girls? I've not met any. And if not, they obviously have no taste.

Rest In Peace, Bea.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring is in the air....FINALLY!

The wicked bitch - Mother Nature - has FINALLY decided that we are allowed spring here in Iowa. We're having some April showers, and I'm counting on May flowers but those bastard rabbits are eating my tulips as fast as they come up.
I applied Liquid Fence. Have you read the label of that shit? Putrescent egg solids - and garlic. NASTY! The smell of it about killed me and it says the animals can smell it long after it dries. Well, the rabbits I have out here must be like mutants or something because it doesn't seem to stop them. Thank GOD they don't like daffodils.

So, I've decided to go extreme. I've loaded up on short-range shells for my .22 (I know, imagine ME with a gun!) and I'm on a mission! I'd like to have multiple montiors outside playing that really nasty loop of Watership Down, too.

Then, I have deer. I looked out my kitchen window and there was this fucking deer chomping on my rose bush. I knocked on the window. It looked up at me after about 10 slams on the glass and then mentally said "Fuck you!" and went on eating. I thought about letting the dog out but she couldn't catch a rat on a gluetrap, so I opened the window and used the kitchen hose sprayer. There is no way in hell I'm gonna shoot that close to my house, or a window.

Why don't they make rabbit poison or deer poison? They make rat poison, mouse poison, bug poisons. How much rat poison would it take to kill a deer? Jesus. All I know is, if those bastards touch my daylilies OR iris, I'm planting fucking land mines!