Friday, February 27, 2009

Leave my Obama alone, you bastards!

Why is it that Obama is expected to fix our economy in 30 seconds, when the disaster was building over 8 years? Were a Republifucker in office, the press wouldn't dare expect any immediate results, let alone a time-table!

My Republifucker "acquaintences" have been just blasting Obama's budget and basically everything he's tried to do to fix this mess we are in that THEY created! Granted, some Democrats had a hand in this mess, but let's lay the blame where it belongs.

National Debt - beginning of GW Bush's first stolen term: $5.8 Trillon
National Debt - end of GW Bush's second stolen term: $10.7 Trillion (10,700,000,000,000), that amounts to $51 billion PER MONTH!

GWBUSH & Republifucker-controlled Congress:

Budget Deficits by Year:
2001 128 B
2002 158 B
2003 378 B
2004 413 B
2005 318 B
2006 248 B
2007 162 B

And let's not forget the reason why we got into this mess. De-regulation. An SEC with no teeth. Oversight? Regulations? Chimpy didn't know what those words meant, Darth Cheney knew, so he squelched it all.

Enron(Lay was one of GW's buds), Worldcom.

And how about those tax cuts? I do taxes for a living, and I can tell you who saved the most - those who MADE the most. You, me, the average taxpayer, saw our marginal tax rate decrease from 25% to, hmm, 25%, or, say 15% to 15%. Granted, we all saved about $350 in savings from the 10% bracket those tax cuts created. Big deal. The top earners, with taxable income over about $370,000, their rate went from 39.6% to 35%, a savings of 4.6%. So, at the very least, say they had $400,000 in taxable income, on just the $30,000 alone, they saved $1,380, and that's a tiny example.

Then the capital gain rate of 15% on dividends. I get a few on my mutual funds, but nothing substantial. They went from being taxed at a maximum of 39.6% to no more than 15%. Who rakes in the most dividends? Not the average, middle-class family. Not those who WORK for a living! Example: Darth Cheney's EFFECTIVE tax rate on his 2007 tax return - 19.1% - on income of just over $3M! He should be in the 35% bracket, but his qualified dividends of $233,000 saved him $69,000 using the qualified dividend rate. And I just can imagine that he is letting his income stimulate our economy, since he had a foreign tax credit of $11,000, he's obviously not investing here much!

Enough ranting. At least one good thing came out of that assinine email - this darling picture I didn't have before. It's Obama point to those bastards who made the mess (in my mind). Now tell me, did Bush EVER look "Presidential?"

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy February 14th


I bought a new phone cord and THIS was on the back of the package. Logic would seem to dictate that if you were buying a phone cord you might have an inkling as to what in hell to do with it. It's not like you have five or six choices when hooking the thing up!

People who need this image should really be employed cleaning up nuclear waste.

Saturday, February 07, 2009